dji agriculture

Certification is needed to fly any drone. Find out more here.


Certification is needed to fly any drone. Find out more here.

dji agriculture

DJI Agriculture Drones

Crop monitoring, aerial spraying*, reseeding, fertilizing and more – made easy.

The DJI Agras T50 is now available!

AGRAS T40 kit Sale!

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T40 Drone
3 Batteries
Super Charger
All Required Cables
Agras T40 Drone

The Future of Drones in Agriculture

Making farming more efficient than ever with technology that inspires growth

Cutting-edge Equipment

Farm Data Analysis

Mission Planning

cloud farming

Cloud Services

Drone Technology for better farming

The DJI AGRAS lineup is the ideal solution for grain crops such as wheat and corn. With easy access to automated, informative, and precise field management, farmers around the world rely on their DJI agriculture drones to help them reduce operation costs, improve crop quality, and increase yield rate.

Agras T50

Ready, steady, go.

The DJI Agras T50 is the latest in agriculture drone technology, allowing farmers to reach unparelled precision and efficiency in operations. Learn more about the T50’s massive payload, spraying*, and spreading capabilities.

T50 Dual Radar

Agras T40 – On sale now!

Revolutionary design to help you achieve ultimate precision

The DJI Agras T40 is equipped with the revolutionary Coaxial Twin Rotor design, enabling it to carry a massive payload. It supports multiple missions from surveying and mapping to crop spraying * and spreading, helping you reach ultimate efficiency in your agricultural operations.

Agras T40 Drone

Agras T30

A new flagship for digital agriculture

With a 30 litre spraying tank, the DJI Agras T30 takes aerial spraying * efficiency to new heights. Using DJI digital agriculture solutions, the T30 helps reduce fertilizer use and increase yield with effective, data-driven best practices.

Agras T30 DJI Drone

Agras T25

Small, smart, and mighty.

The DJI Agras T25 agriculture drone makes solo operations a breeze. It’s light and nimble body means take off and landing is easy, and it’s foldable body makes it easily manageable by one person and easy to transport.

T25 side view

Agras T10

Ideal for new farmers

An 8 litre tank and spray * width of up to 5 meters allow the DJI aircraft to cover up to 15 acres/hour. Its folding truss structure is sturdy and reliable, enabling efficient folding and unfolding, convenient transportation, and easy transitions.

Agras T10 DJI Drone

Mavic 3 Multispectral

See more, work smarter

Pair any of our DJI Agras drones with the impressive Mavic 3M (multispectral) for ultimate mapping and imaging. Agricultural production management requires precision and data, and Mavic 3M delivers both.

DJI Mavic 3M
Increase crop yield
Reduce chemical* use
Simplify Processes

Transform your agriculture experience

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T25 and T50 agriculture drones in Canada

Pilot Certification

Before operating any of our DJI drones, operators must register the drone with Transport Canada and mark the drone with its registration number. They must also pass the Basic and Advanced Pilot Certificates, Hands-on Training, and Flight Review.

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DJI T50 Remote controller

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DJI Agras T25

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